How Potent Is That Pot Brownie? Dry Ice And A Blender Might Crack The Case

Different types of THC-infused confections are left on display at Amazon Organics, a pot dispensary in Eugene, Ore.Pot-infused edibles are big sellers in states that have legalized marijuana. The problem is, it’s been tough to measure and regulate the potency of these ganja-laced gummy bears, lollies and brownies.

Studies have found that many edible marijuana products in the market contain lower or higher concentrations of psychoactive THC and other cannabinoids than advertised.

And that’s bad news for consumers. Treats with too-little THC may fail to help patients who are prescribed the drug for debilitating conditions like chronic pain, and leave recreational users feeling cheated. And too much THC can cause anxiety and nausea, trigger psychotic episodes and land people in the emergency room.

While state officials and

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