This will tell you how much marijuana is really in that edible


A sample of marijuana-infused edible including fruit gummies, chocolate and beverages. (AP)

The murky laws surrounding the world of cannabis laced goodies means that those who eat them often have no idea how much marijuana they are really consuming.

But a group of scientists say they have invented a new technique that accurately measures the levels of cannabidiol (CBD) in food made with marijuana, according to a press release from The American Chemical Society (ACS)

Today most edibles are analyzed using a device called a high performance liquid chromatograph, or HPLC. But HPLCs don’t actually give accurate readings for food stuffs.

“These machines were never designed for you to inject a cookie into them,” Jahan Marcu, director of research and development at Green Standard Diagnostics Inc. and a senior scientist at Americans for Safe Access said. “The sugars, starches and fats will wreak havoc on HPLC

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