Chapter 3: A political fight turns personal

Silas Hurd’s “golden ticket” was losing its luster.

The Medi-Haze B provided by Grass Roots Solutions, the Nevada County medical marijuana collective rallying to help the boy, wasn’t having the same effect. His seizures returned in late 2015 following a four-month respite that had brought his parents so much hope.

But Nicole and Forrest Hurd still believed in the potential of CBD – a compound in marijuana that has shown medicinal promise in limited childhood epilepsy studies – to help their son.

Grass Roots Solutions crafted new CBD-rich tinctures from specially cultivated cannabis strains, and Forrest and Nicole wove them into Silas’ therapy. His seizures continued but were less frequent, less violent.

Silas began to recognize when the seizures were coming on. He would seek out his parents, sometimes showing up at their bedside at 4 a.m., to get help with an impending attack. He found ways to express his thoughts on what

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