Keurig Veterans Help Launch Novel Cannabis Vaporization Device

CannaKorp CannaCloud

CannaKorp will sell a $149 vaporization device later this year that is based on technology very similar to Keurig’s K-cup.  The single-use pod and vaporizer system  includes the vaporizer device, CannaCloud, single-use, dose-controlled pods containing pre-ground, lab tested cannabis called CannaCups, and an automated processing and filling machine, the CannaMatic.

Michael Bourque invented the device because he wanted consistent dosing and easy administration.  He teamed up with a former Keurig Green Mountain Inc. exec, Dave Manly, who serves as Chairman of the Board. The Chief Technology Officer, Ian Tinkler, and the Vice President of Packaging Engineering, Basil Karanikos, are also Keurig veterans. Several of the other employees have worked with software company PTC, including Bourque, who holds the Chief Innovation Officer title, CEO James Winokur, and Greg James, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The CannaKorp website lists several partners, a key one of which is consulting

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