Obama dons hat, blanket during Tribal Nations ceremony

This will be the fifth conference Williams has attended under the Obama administration. “It is important that our Company is in Washington, D.C.at this time along with U.S. Tribes, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to meet and interact with tribal and federal government officials to continue the conversation of industrial hemp production on Native lands, as cannabis restoration by sovereign nations represents a unique advantage that is actually larger than the multi-billion-dollar Native American gaming industry”.

In April 2012, the Justice and Interior Departments announced more than $1 billion in settlements with 41 federally-recognized tribes for similar claims, the result of almost two years of negotiations (between 2009 and the 2012 announcement, Justice and Interior had settled with six other tribes).

Cole said, “I am proud that the achievements the president mentioned – the Cobell Settlement on the mismanagement of tribal lands, the Tribal

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