How to Invest in the Cannabis Industry

With voters weighing in on an unprecedented number of cannabis legalization ballot initiatives in just 40 days, media attention is starting to ramp up.  This year, Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada voters will be deciding whether to tax and regulate cannabis for adult use, while voters in other states will consider establishing or expanding medical cannabis programs. While it is still quite early, many of the polls are predicting victories in the five states looking to legalize for adult use.

As I shared recently, cannabis stocks are heating up. Through September 28th, the Cannabis Stock Index was up 26.4% month-to-date. It’s quite evident that new investors (or traders) are entering the market, looking to capitalize on the macro trend of state-by-state adoption of cannabis legalization, and I have seen several former subscribers to 420 Investor return, seeking to better understand the fundamental and technical factors for the sector and

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