These Legalization Ads Just Might Sway Your Vote

“Think of the children!”

That seems to be the rallying cry as we enter the final stretch of election season. Legalization opponents in a number of states are now bombing the airwaves with ads, and many of them feature variations on the child-danger theme: A child recoils from a cloud of smoke; a sad, woeful child’s eyes gaze at the camera from a hospital bed; and a frantic mother pulls her child away from an adult-use cannabis shop decked out with smiling marijuana leaves.

On the other side, legalization proponents are also also harnessing the power of a mother’s love by showing the compassionate side of medical cannabis, as well as the power of regulation to ensure the safety of youth in society.

In their ads, legalization advocates introduce teachers, parents, and law enforcement officials who support cannabis legalization. They’re pushing back against the notion that legalization would compromise the safety of today’s

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