On the Cannabis Tourism Trail in Denver, Colorado

(A version of this feature appeared in the Times Magazine, October 2016)

Interviewing someone when you are so high you can’t feel your own face, let alone hold a pen, is not easy, it turns out…

I had come to the home of Michael Eymer, a twenty minute drive out of Denver, to partake in a ‘Puff, Pass Paint’ class. The idea was that I would join the painting class — recreating a Rocky Mountain nighttime scene in acrylics — while getting gently stoned with some fellow tourists who were making the most of the lawful marijuana in the state of Colorado.

Then, I would chat to Eymer, the chief executive of Colorado Cannabis Tours, about how the legalisation of cannabis has boosted not just the tourism industry, but Denver too, one of the fastest growing cities in America.

However, either my jet lag, the altitude of America’s Mile High City or the

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