University of Maryland BioPark to Release a New CBD Supplement

CBD Complete Wellness is a company that specializes in conducting research into hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD). The company is based out of the University of Maryland BioPark, and it has partnered with AlderEgo Holdings, Inc. to create a line of vitamin-enhanced CBD supplements.

The new line of supplements was created by board certified toxicologists, and the CBD products were then subjected to testing at the University of Maryland through focus groups. Since the supplements contain CBD that was derived from hemp and not cannabis, the supplements are permitted across the United States.

Founder and CEO of AlderEgo, Jonathan Carfield, shared how he became passionate for CBD in a release, “After watching a senate hearing on the medical benefits of CBD, I began doing my own research and evaluating available products.” Considering that Carfield currently owns AlderEgo, which is a cannabis company in Washington,

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