What Can the New Bipartisan Cannabis Caucus Accomplish?

Since Inauguration Day, all of us in the cannabis world have been anxiously awaiting to hear some federal news on our nascent, fragile industry. Are we going to be shut down? Are we all going to jail? These are some of the questions I get asked by canna-business owners almost daily.

new cannabis caucusThis Thursday, lawmakers gathered in our nation’s capitol to form a new Cannabis Caucus. This Cannabis Caucus was formed by a group of four state representatives who want to ensure cannabis is taken seriously as an industry and that state’s rights are protected.

The founding members of this historic Cannabis Caucus are: Jared Polis, democrat out of Colorado; Don Young, republican out of Alaska; Dana Rohrabacher, republican out of California; and Earl Blumenauer, democrat out of Oregon.   

All four representatives hail from states that have voted to legalize the recreational use

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