Microdosing: The Edible Solution for New Cannabis Consumers …

Three Things You Should Know About Microdosing With Edibles

New cannabis consumers are often attracted to edibles but wonder how much is too much. To help both Colorado native newbies and the many tourists who visit Colorado and have questions about edible potency, industry officials and state regulators have worked to educate people on edible consumption limits.

Some cannabis companies have determined that the best way to handle any uncertainty is simply to create edible products with less THC. California companies Kiva and W!NK, for example, have begun developing product lines that will allow people to microdose.

Microdosing started as a concept to help patients take their medicine in small quantities so that they didn’t overdo it. Now microdosing has moved into the recreational market, too, so people can enjoy the tasty treats edibles companies develop without getting too high.

Both Kiva and W!NK

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