New Cannabis Gum Hits the Market — But It Doesn’t Get You High

You can chew this, but it won't get you high.

A new cannabis chewing gum developed under a Southern California marijuana company is expected to hit the market in the next few weeks, its makers announced. Unlike most of the candy and edibles at your local dispensary, it doesn’t make you high.

In fact, anyone can purchase it — even kids.

At a time when California is preparing for legal recreational pot sales next year under Proposition 64, and when Los Angeles is voting Tuesday on the possible expansion of the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in town, why would anyone want a pot-related product that won’t get them baked?

CanChew Plus features cannabidiol or CBD, an active ingredient in cannabis that reportedly has shown promise for treating epileptic seizures, inflammation and psychosis. CanChew gets its CBD from industrial hemp.

“This is not coming from marijuana,” the gum’s lead scientist, Dr. George

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