Canndescent Adopts New Strain Classification System – Cannabis …

[Press release] CANNDESCENT, a cultivator of ultra-premium cannabis flower, announced today that it has abandoned the use of traditional cannabis strain names, and that it will adopt an effects-based classification system: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge.

In development for a year, the system simplifies cannabis for end users by combining informative names, colors, numbers, and tasting notes to indicate how users may feel after consumption. As seen in the chart below, CANNDESCENT describes each broad category and differentiates between a strain’s potential effect on the mind and body.

In addition to the basic categories, the company provides strain-specific tasting notes and numbering to help users control their experience time and time again. For example, the strain description for CALM NO. 105TM reads, “Lulls the mind and body into a gratifying sleep, waking you up alert for the next day,” and the strain CREATE NO. 301 TM offers, “Focuses your

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