Canadian Cannabis Supplier Gets New CEO Following Pesticide Scandal


There’s a shakeup in the Canadian cannabis sector, as Organigram, a medical marijuana supplier struggles to regain the trust of patients after some bad batches of medicine slipped through testing positive for the potentially harmful, and illegal pesticides called myclobutanil.

There are three major medical marijuana companies that are federally licensed in Canada: Organigram Inc., Mettrum Ltd., and Aurora Cannabis Inc. 

The shakeup replaces the Organigram CEO, Denis Arsenault, with Greg Engel. Engel is now the former CEO of another medical marijuana producer, Tilray Canada Inc.

The new appointment places Arsenault into a role that deals more with investor relations within the company. He’s also retaining a direct link to the company as the newest member of their board of directors, reports Globe and Mail.

The cannabis recalls came late last year and began with the one voluntarily issued by Mettrum. Soon after,

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