In Defiance of Harsh Texas Marijuana Laws, a Dallas Chef Hosts a …

Chef David Anthony Temple uses a torch to sear sous vide Kobe beef that's been spritzed with a tincture made of Everclear and White Widow, a strain of marijuana, at an underground cannabis dinner recently held in Dallas.EXPAND

At the table next to me, two sharply dressed 60-something married couples are on a double date, the ladies wearing fine jewelry, sipping a nice Chardonnay and laughing a little louder after every glass. Once the second course has been cleared from the table, I take a seat and introduce myself.

“I’m a doctor,” a stately gentleman with a thick accent says, “and he’s an ER doctor,” he says, pointing to the man sitting next to him. The ER doctor reaches out to shake my hand, and two courses in, I can see a faint pinkness in the whites of his

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