Will LA’s New Cannabis Laws Make Them The Leader Of The SoCal …

Southern California has a pretty solid weed-ordinance game now that LA repealed Prop. D!

Los Angeles just upped their weed game in a big way. On Tuesday, Angelinos voted in a consolidated municipal and special election that featured a ballot of nearly 15 items—including Measure M, the Los Angeles Cannabis Enforcement, Taxation and Regulation Act.

Measure M passed with 77 percent of the votes, sparking off a massive victory party at the Bonaventure Brewery in Downtown LA. But the approval of LA’s new regulatory framework is much bigger than simply allowing legal dispensaries to operate within the city. It’s a comprehensive ordinance that could potentially become a model for surrounding counties looking to integrate the medical-recreational cannabis industries into their cities on a large scale. “There’s no doubt that Measure M will set a new bar for other municipalities, at least within the region, to compete

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