Three Trends I Saw at Pittcon 2017

“The legal cannabis market is $7.2 billion, [and] it’s expected to go up to $24 billion by 2025, of which $13 billion is going to be medical-related, $11 recreational, and [it will] employ 200,000 people. We have a need to develop quality analytical testing instruments so we know labeling is correct, and hopefully we’re dosing the patient or customer with what they are looking for,” said Clifford.

Years in the making, Shimadzu’s cannabis analyzer comes equipped with methods that have been confirmed for repeatability and accuracy, so labs don’t have to develop and validate their own method. The high-throughput method package is designed for the quantitative potency determination of the 10 cannabinoids of greatest interest in less than 8 minutes per sample.

While Shimadzu developed a brand new instrument for cannabis analysis, Fluid Management Systems (FMS) took a slightly different approach. It rebranded its decade-old, flagship product—adding fast, reproducible cannabis extractions as

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