Spotlight: Top 3 Features Consumers Want in New Cannabis Products

In 2016, cannabis research and analytics firm Brightfield Group surveyed more than 2,000 marijuana consumers from around the West Coast, inquiring about what they would most like to see in new cannabis products entering the market. The respondents’ top three answers, detailed below, serve to guide growers and retailers looking to better address the demands of an ever-increasing cannabis consumer base.

1. Better-Tasting Products

The greatest consumer request for new products is better taste – 37 percent of respondents listed this as their top priority. Among Californians, this figure was higher: 44 percent noted that better taste was their primary concern regarding new products. Conversely, in Oregon, 30 percent indicated that taste is a top priority.

The preference for better-tasting products largely pertains to edibles. These must be appetizing to appeal to consumers, but in particular, longer-term, loyal users who may have developed more sophisticated tastes are seeking

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