Surge in number of ambulance call outs to Spice users | Granada …

One man who confirmed he was a Spice user and said: “I have used it for about two years. It’s cheap in bundles and they are going for daft prices.
“Heroin users are saying it’s the worst stuff going. It’s dangerous.”

Julie Boyle, support worker at the Northern Quarter-based charity Lifeshare, which helps young homeless people, described how over the last week she has seen a surge in the number of people with the terrifying new symptoms.
Last Thursday she found a woman collapsed at Piccadilly Gardens tram stop. She had taken a drag of what she thought was cannabis but turned out to be Spice.
When an ambulance arrived, the paramedic told her they had been called to 26 similar incidents that day alone.

“In the city centre there are people who just look like they are frozen, like the walking dead, sat in a catatonic state not moving,” said Julie.... read more at: