Mother Knows Best: Why Are Hybrid Strains So Awesome?

Dear Mother,

Can you tell me more about hybrid strains? How do you grow them and why are they my favorite type of weed?

— High on Hybrids

Dear HOH,

You are definitely not alone in your love of hybrid strains. Hybrids — strains that are a combination of sativa and indica — are super popular and for good reason. So, let’s take a look at what makes hybrids so awesome.

A lot of people think of hybrids as the best of both worlds, and they’re right. While some people love the total body relaxation and couch lock feel of a strong, pure indica—and others dig the racy, spacey head vibe that sativas offer—strong strains from both types might simply be “too much” for a lot of folks. Hybrids offer up a beautiful balance of the two. Or, think of hybrid cannabis as the baby bear

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