Collect Smokin’ Hot Profits From This Marijuana Biotech

Without a doubt, medical marijuana is one of the hottest corners of the biotechnology sector for investors. The potential this apparent wonder-herb packs for alleviating symptoms of countless diseases, as well as its curative properties, makes biotech companies developing cannabis-based treatments among the most exciting and potentially lucrative investment opportunities today.

Just take a look at the 1,300%-plus gains GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) has given its investors in the last five years.

However, the election of Donald Trump and his appointment of the notoriously anti-pot Jeff Sessions as attorney general have frightened away some investors who could be reaping in the profits of the coming Green Wave.

While the majority of Americans now favors the widespread legalization of cannabis, it looks like the federal government’s resistance isn’t going to change soon (although expected legalization in Canada might change minds in Washington).

Most of the biotechs working in this sphere use synthetic cannabinoids and skirt around the

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