Snoop and Chung: The Marijuana Dream Team

They’re not a comedy team or a law firm, but rather one of the hottest duos in cannabiz today.

Ted Chung may not stand out as a house-hold name in the celebrity pantheon, but he’s well known in the music business as the longtime manager of hip-hop giant Snoop Dogg. Ranked No. 2 along with Snoop on Billboard’s Pot Power List of music industry players, Chung heads the Cashmere Agency, an L.A.-based branding firm.

In an interview with Freedom Leaf, Chung says Snoop’s presence in the cannabis industry evolved over decades, dating back to the early 1990s when he had hits like “Gin and Juice.” Their business efforts on this front intensified after adult use in Colorado exploded.

“Snoop is the leading figurehead for the cannabis lifestyle movement, especially on a global basis,” Chung contends. “Expressing his liberties in the cannabis movement had been primarily through

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