NY Scientists Have Cultivated THC-Free Cannabis – Culture Magazine

THC-FreeScientists in Western New York have successfully developed a new completely THC-free cannabis strain, which could be a truly important development for medical cannabis companies, research teams and institutions, as well as the growing hemp industry.

The new strain was created by Canadian researchers at bio-tech company, 22nd Century, along with scientists at Anandia Labs, in an effort to produce an alternative cannabis strain that could be utilized for research, industrial use and industry expansion.

Under current law, cannabis with a certain level of THC is considered a Schedule I illegal drug. However, if a cannabis plant doesn’t have enough THC in them to be psychoactive, then they are legal, as hemp. Many CBD products take advantage of this option—CBD can be found in a plant, even if the plant doesn’t have any THC. This new THC-free cannabis strain takes advantage of this difference

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