What is Spice and how can you help people who take the drug?

It’s a sad reality that more and more people are taking Spice, sometimes with horrific consequences.

The drug, which has been described as turning users into “the walking dead”, has been the focus of a number of recent documentaries with prison inmates and homeless people often among those who take it.

Shocking footage was released last month of users “freezing” and even collapsing on the street after taking a new strain of the drug.

In the event of a suspected overdose, here is how to help someone you think may have collapsed as a result of taking Spice:

An official leaflet circulated by the City Council in Manchester and their local ambulance service describes the best measures to take. It advises that while the effects of Spice use may often look scary, usually the person doesn’t need emergency treatment. But it points to a number of key symptoms and their treatment.

If someone is

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