5 things to know about Ottawa’s new cannabis legislation …

And the government promised to take a “zero-tolerance approach” to drug-impaired driving.

The federal government is steering Canada into a bold and risky social experiment with proposed new laws legalizing recreational marijuana for those aged 18 and older – and stringent new criminal sanctions for those who break them.

“As the bill moves through the legislative process, existing laws prohibiting possession and use of cannabis remain in place, and they need to be respected”, he said.

Police chiefs who support legalisation point to the almost 70,000 police-reported incidents related to cannabis, mostly possession, in 2014, saying police resources are being wasted and criminal convictions are causing undue harm.

“The bills we propose today are aiming at putting drug dealers and organized crime out of the cannabis business”, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said. Prime Minister Trudeau’s cannabis legislation would allow adults 18 or over to ... read more at: http://normangeestar.net/2017/04/16/5-things-to-know-about-ottawa-s-new-cannabis-legislation/