10 Thoughts We Had Playing the ‘Hempire’ Mobile Game While High

This article is sponsored by Hempire. Hempire, the world’s first comprehensive marijuana growing game, gives players the opportunity to build their empire, bud by bud. By producing a hundred strains, baked goodies, and cannabis extracts, players will build their empire, restore their city, battle local politics and pests, and compete against friends and foes for the greatest Hempire.

Have you ever considered building the most legendary canna-business in the world?

If you’re already working hard to get that going, perhaps some of Leafly’s Industry resources would be a good bet. But if you’d rather skip the exorbitant price tag, heavy lifting, and overall legwork and stake your claim to fame from the comfort of your own couch after a few good hits of your favorite strain, good news—that’s what Hempire is here for.

What is ‘Hempire’ All About?

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