Keep your hands off my daughter’s medical marijuana! | New York …

Let’s talk about marijuana. Specifically, about how and why I came to be one of countless parents who have let their chronically ill children try it.

A groundbreaking study last week in the New England Journal of Medicine reported on the health benefits of cannabidiol for children with epilepsy. The study found that among children with Dravet syndrome taking cannabidiol, the decrease in the frequency of convulsive seizures was 23 percentage points greater than in seizures among children taking a placebo.

Cannabidiol is one of hundreds of chemical components found in cannabis plants. Unlike THC, the most famous, CBD is nonhallucinogenic and nonaddictive. It doesn’t make you high.

Until now, evidence of marijuana’s benefits for pediatric epilepsy has been largely anecdotal. The new CBD study is hugely significant because it uses the gold standard of a randomized controlled trial. Other limited clinical trials involving CBD have explored the drug’s therapeutic benefits for

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