Weed Inc (OTCMKTS:BUDZ) Acquires Sangre AgroTech

Weed Inc (OTCMKTS:BUDZ) has completed the acquisition of Sangre Agro Tech as it continues to reinforce its asset base in response to the legalization trend that is sweeping North America and Australia. The acquisition brings to the table years of expertise and innovation in the fields of genetics, plant pathology, and unique agricultural practices.

Sangre AgroTech Acquisition

Sangre AgroTech has been working on a 5-year $10 million cannabis Genomic study as it seeks to complete genomic classifications of cannabis. Sangre’s research team is now expected to help WEED Inc. develop and come up with cannabis-derived compounds that can be used to treat various diseases.

“[…] As WEED’s first major acquisition, the ‘Brain Trust’ of our dedicated staff of PhDs at Sangre AgroTech will prove instrumental in achieving WEED’s goal of creating NEW strain-specific, disease-specific treatments, and cures over the next several years. Several patentable strains, along with accompanying THC and CBD

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