Listen: Country music has a new cannabis anthem

Greta Gaines didn’t intend to write a country cannabis anthem–or record an album, for that matter.

But the six songs comprising her new album “Tumbleweed,” available today on iTunes, poured out over a two-week period last fall as an act of post-election artistic activism, Gaines told The Cannabist.

“I felt helpless, so I turned to music, the only touchstone in my life capable of ameliorating the pain I was experiencing as a patriot,” she said. “I was struck by deep pains of nostalgia, so each song is like a Polaroid of a different place in time.”

Greta Gaines new album Tumbleweed.
Country artist and marijuana advocate Greta Gaines’ new album “Tumbleweed” includes bonus track “Light it Up.” (Courtesy Big Air Records)

Opening track “Tumbleweed” flashes back a care-free childhood; “Begin Again”

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