Blow your brain cells to a killer new Cannabis Corpse track

Roll up, roll up, Richmond, Virginia’s death metal brotherhood of the bong, Cannabis Corpse, have roused themselves from their slumber, raided their cupboards for Doritos and are about to deal out a new, Entombed-hailing album, Left Hand Pass, due, like, September 8? via the hydroponic hothouse that is Season Of Mist Records.

Proof that the band – fronted by Municipal Waste’s Land Phil – have more buds in their bong than mere pot-related metal parody, Cannabis Corpse are now on album number five, filled with killer riffs that could cut through even the heaviest Ghost Train Haze. If you need proof, look no further than this special album preview, Chronic Breed – a four minutes and 44 second journey from sirens and distressed voices through a riff barrage guaranteed to pummel what’s left of your brain to fertile mulch and guitar leads proliferating like some particularly virulent potent botanical strain,

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