Medical marijuana creates opportunities and risks for growers as Pa.’s program moves forward

She was everything they looked for in a marijuana plant: She was stacked.

Standing among her sisters in the Orange County, N.Y., greenhouse, she’d created quite a buzz among the workers.

“You want to see?”

“Yes, yes.”

They scurried to the middle of a row of cannabis plants.

“Ohhhh cool.”

With two fat, cannabinoid-rich buds growing atop one another, she represented a breakthrough at PharmaCannis’ research and development facility. She was a new strain ready for harvest.

Buds are the most important and lucrative part of a marijuana plant. The cannabinoids they contain are the chemicals that give the plant its medicinal and psychoactive properties. To growers, a “stacked” plant means more cannabinoid power for less effort.

The cannabinoid profile, which would be determined in the lab, is the deciding factor whether the strain is a benefit to the company’s genetic library.

Here in Pennsylvania, which legalized medical marijuana last year, 177 entrepreneurs lined up for 12 permits to

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