MMJ: Don’t Strain

When do you think marijuana will be removed from pre-employment drug screen tests in states where it’s legal? – P. Cup

Who knows? California is an “at will” state, so you can be fired for damn near anything, not just cannabis use. It’s tricky. Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, and many insurance companies require employers to have a “drug-free workplace” (whatever that means; it’s not like folks don’t go to work zooted up on xannies or oxy).

The problem is that THC stays in the system even after its effects have worn off. There’s no real way to tell if someone is high at work, other than how they act, or maybe how they smell. Don’t hold your breath waiting for legislation to protect you. Either find a new job, or borrow some urine from your square cousin if you have to take a test. Good luck.

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