Dixie Elixirs partners with TricorBraun under an aggressive six-month timeline to meet the latest cannabis …

Changes are frequent and so are the bills that are introduced. An article in Colorado Politics explains, just two weeks into the 2017 Colorado legislative session, lawmakers introduced six bills concerning the state’s legal weed. Regulations are not unfamiliar to Dixie Elixirs, a leader in the industry since 2010, with regard to research, education and advocacy.

In 2014, they were required to move their packaging from glass to brushed aluminum and in 2015 from aluminum to plastic. According to Joe Hodas, chief marketing officer, Dixie Elixirs, “When various regulations arose in both 2015 and 2016, we were already working with legislators. We actively participate in open forums and debates within the public health sector where it is important that dialogue remains open and ongoing so that all can express their concerns. We have the best interest of the state in mind.” Over the years, they are proud to say,

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