This Women’s Weed Network Is Empowering Cannabis Entrepreneurs

Jessica Assaf, left, and Jackie Mostny

Around a bouquet of fresh flowers and flickering candles, a bowl of fruit and a salt crystal light, a group of women gathers in a circle once a month to smoke weed and shoot the shit. These cannabis women’s circles, happening everywhere from Venice to Hollywood, are among the many projects put on by Cannabis Feminist, L.A.’s new hottest all-girls ganja group, which aims to build a women-run cannabis empire.

At the beginning of every women’s circle, Jessica Assaf, CEO and head of products at Cannabis Feminist, rolls a joint, reminding everyone it’s just as important to puff as to pass. It could be a high CBD joint, or perhaps some cannabis flower blended with a couple other aromatic herbs. The idea is for guests to get better acquainted with weed, to learn about their relationships to the plant, and

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