New Legislation Would Allow Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Providers to Sell Excess Weed as Recreational

A new piece of legislation flying through Oregon’s state government is set to shake up the state’s medical and recreational cannabis industries. If signed into law by Governor Kim Brown, House Bill 2198 would create the brand new Oregon Cannabis Commission (OCC) and create framework for the state’s medical providers to sell their leftover product into the state’s flourishing recreational industry.

According to a report from Leafly, Governor Brown’s signature on HB 2198 would allow the thousands of state-sanctioned medical growers in Oregon to sell up to 20 pounds of excess product into the state’s adult-use recreational market each year.

To oversee those proposed inter-industry sales, the OCC would be charged with regulating the state’s medical industry separately from the Oregon Liquor Control Commision (OLCC), that controls the state’s recreational cannabis industry. The OCC would be created from within the Oregon Health Authority,

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