‘WEEDZ’: A New Cannabis Inspired Superhero Film Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

El Rhino Productions has announced that they are seeking community support for their upcoming Movie Production titled ‘WEEDZ: A New Strain of Superhero’. The film is full of adventure, action, thrill and suspense and the production company has won several awards for its previous film projects. This one of a kind project is about the legalization, acceptance and business booming in both recreational and medicinal marijuana as the cannabis are getting legalized in many parts of the world including the US States.

The film features a gallant superhero called WEEDZ with an open mind in the acceptance of marijuana. The mother of this superhero was raped and eventually killed but he later grew up to rise as a superhero. The mission of his life is to avenge for his dead father and mother and he takes it to the dangerous Mexican Drug Cartels. The film is now

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