MJIC Marijuana Index Rebalances and Adds 7 New Cannabis Companies – WLNE

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2017 / MJIC Inc. has completed its quarterly rebalancing of the Marijuana Index, adding seven new cannabis companies to the Canadian Marijuana Index.

The U.S. Marijuana Index and Canadian Marijuana Index track the top performing public cannabis companies operating in the United States and Canada, respectively. These indices are combined to create the North American Marijuana Index. Each index is equal-weighted and rebalanced quarterly.

The North American Marijuana Index now has 36 constituents, with the U.S. Marijuana Index and the Canadian Marijuana Index each containing 18 constituents.

The minimum trading requirements for companies to join the indices was decreased at the end of the second quarter. Companies must have achieved a weighted average minimum market capitalization of US$30 million, daily trading volume of US$400,000 and share price of US$0.10. Companies with more than US$5 million in revenue over the prior year are exempt from

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