A fooking good interview with Preacher’s Joseph Gilgun

The Southern gothic comic book fable Preacher is back and exclusive to Lightbox. Dominic Corry sat down with Joseph Gilgun (Cassidy) to talk about acting anxieties, American money, and living the ganja dream.

Instantly recognisable to fans of Emmerdale, This Is England and the beloved cult series Misfits, English character actor Joseph Gilgun had been kicking around British film and TV for a while before securing his recent breakout role – that of Irish vampire Cassidy, one third of the triumvirate that drives acclaimed fantasy drama Preacher, which just entered its second season.

Season two of the violent, darkly humorous show (adapted from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s award-winning comic book) sees Dominic Cooper’s tortured Jesse, Ruth Negga’s sass-machine Tulip and Gilgun’s hapless Cassidy hitting the road on a mission to find God. Literally.

The Spinoff recently got the chance to speak to Gilgun between takes on the New Orleans

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