New CBD Cream Could Be Ultimate Cure For Acne

Anyone who suffers from acne will tell you, pimples and blackheads are no fun at all, and many creams and ointments simply don’t work

However, a new report has confirmed that cannabis cream may be the latest and greatest cure for acne sufferers, due to the active component, cannabidiol or CDB. A dermatological company called Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd., recently announced that they are carrying out clinical trials using a synthetic form of CBD, called BTX 1503, which they claim could be the ultimate acne cure.

The clinical trial, carried out in Australia, involved 20 study participants, none of which had acne. They were given the cream to apply over the period of a month, on healthy skin, to test for safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics. The next stage will be to roll out the study to people who

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