Why Colorado Tokers Love Panama Punch

The sativa-dominant hybrid, a cross of Neville’s Haze and Panama Mean Green, is basically impossible to find around town in flower form unless you visit one of the Clinic’s four dispensaries. Although Panama Punch has become one of the most popular live-resin cartridges for PAX’s Era vaporizer (also part of the Clinic family), which are found at dispensaries around town, I’ve always been a bigger fan of regular weed.

If I were to dabble with it in concentrate form, live resin is the way to go, thanks to the strain’s intense fruit aroma. You see, I’d stupidly assumed the “Punch” in Panama Punch meant it would knock me out (it did), but that’s not where the name comes from. In this situation, the “punch” is much more Hawaiian than Holyfield, with a combination of berries, citrus and floral scents reminiscent of a bowl of sweet, sugary red stuff. The

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