Premium cannabis lifestyle brand from the Napa of the North

DOJA Cannabis Company added to the portfolio of winery owner and SAXX founder Trent Kitsch

Trent Kitsch may be the only businessperson in Canada who owns both an award-winning winery and a cannabis production license.

So it’s hardly surprising when, asked to describe his marijuana product line, the DOJA Cannabis Company Limited CEO sounds somewhat like a seasoned sommelier.

“When I look at cannabis flowers, I do the same things people do with wine — I look at them for colour, trichomes (crystallization) and size. I press them to see how moist they are, and I appreciate the aroma and try to detect specific terpenes (scents), such as lemon, pine or chocolate, and finally, I savour the taste,” says Kitsch. “I think the ritual of wine and the ritual of cannabis are similar.”

Kitsch is bringing his experience in building the successful SAXX Underwear and Kitsch Wines brands to DOJA, one of only 52

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