Marketing pot: hip company Tokyo Smoke brings ‘lifestyle’ branding …

Would you like to indulge in an exhilarating burst of energy and creativity while enjoying an uplifting experience?

That is what is in store for medical marijuana users purchasing a new strain called Tokyo Smoke Go, according to the Canadian “lifestyle” company that unveiled the product on Thursday.

It’s also perhaps a peek into the future as cannabis companies scramble to create brands that will be attractive to millions of potential customers when recreational pot is legal.

Tokyo Smoke, which sells cannabis accessories, coffee and clothing, has teamed up with Aphria, one of Canada’s largest medical marijuana growers, to sell four new strains with catchy names: Go, Relax, Relief and Balance.

The “beautiful cannabis experience” offered by the Tokyo Smoke-branded marijuana comes in an introductory kit that sells for $250. It includes a five-gram sample of each of the strains, “custom crafted black jars” and “welcome accessories.”

For $500, customers can buy a kit that also

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