Paradise Seeds: Dutch Masters in Cannabis Breeding

The Dutch know a thing or two when it comes to cannabis. Over the years, they have had a major influence on the way the world cultivates and consumes cannabis—from the laid back vibes of Amsterdam coffee shop culture to the potent Nederwiet that raised the bar on THC levels.

Since the 1990s, Paradise Seeds has been at the forefront of driving change in cannabis cultivation. The Amsterdam-based seed bank has been a pioneer in the development of the cannabis seed market and is one of the most decorated seed companies in the business.

With over 30 strains on the Paradise Seeds shelf, it has won numerous awards, including the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup.

We caught up with Paradise Seeds founder and master breeder, Luc Paradise, to find out some more about this innovative seed company:

HIGH TIMES: Hi Luc, you’re a busy man, so thanks for taking some time out to chat.

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