Temptation at every stage – Narcotics from source to street

Mangaluru, Sep 25: The complex narcotics trafficking business of production, trafficking and usage is cloaked in secrecy from A to Z in varied geographical jurisdictions and countries. Commencing from the farming operations, there is a highly secretive decision making process deliberating on the modus operandi for money laundering, secret smuggling routes, hostile environments, identifying tight law enforcement areas, vicious competitors and counter narcotics offensive campaigns by vigilant governments .Traffickers have to perform several functions involving reprocessing and repackaging narcotics before it can be distributed in the market.

The source zone is the farmer as the opium plant has long been a lifeline for poor farmers, Afghanistan remains the world’s top opium producer as also the largest producer of cannabis in the form of Hashish.The total area under opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan is expanding, according to a United Nations survey of May 2017 from 183,000 to 201,000 hectares leading

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