Kush Gets Serious

Before the legendary cannabis-breeding company Serious Seeds unveiled a new strain called Serious Kush, they asked a trusted grower to try out four potential versions and assess the flavor, aroma, and potency of each. Our cultivation correspondent reports on the results.

A New Star Is Born

There’s no end in sight for the global phenomenon known as “Kushmania,” with new Kush-based strains and phenotypes popping out of the ground like mushrooms every month. But one variety stands out from the rest as a rare and precious specimen that deserves special attention. This new strain comes from Serious Seeds, the renowned and long-established seed company based in the Netherlands. The strain is called Serious Kush, and it consists of one of their classic best-sellers, White Russian, crossed with the legendary OG Kush.

While Serious Seeds have slightly stepped up the frequency with which they release new strains in recent years, they’re still laudably

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