Long Trail Brewing and Luce Farm CBD-Infused Beer Collaboration Ready to Pour This Weekend

The highly anticipated new CBD-infused brew, aptly named Medicator, is ready to be rolled out this holiday weekend.

This beer, the first of its kind in the state of Vermont, is a collaboration between Long Trail Brewery and Luce Farm. This partnership was born out of friendship, creativity, and a desire to continue forging lasting and meaningful connections between local farms and businesses.

Matt Kopieki who is a bartender at Long Trail brewery, and a part time crew member at Luce Farm, and good friend of Joe and Rebecca Pimentel brought in a batch of Luce Farm’s hemp honey to the brewpub. Needless to say, the staff loved it.

Shortly after that, Joe spoke with the pub manager and, after a bit of conversation and brainstorming, they both decided that a CBD-infused beer could be an amazing product. When the idea was brought

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