New CBD business opening soon; owner aims to destigmatize cannabis

Entrepreneur Dwayne Madden is on a mission to destigmatize cannabis.

He aims for his new North Chattanooga store to be an informational resource as much as a business.

“Fifty or 51 percent [of the business] is going to be educating people,” he said.

Hemp House, slated to open Oct. 14, will sell CBD products that range from creams to candies. The business joins another new shop in town that also sells CBD projects.

And Madden aims to provide a comfortable and inclusive community, where questions are encouraged and knowledge is spread freely.

Here are four details about CBD, Madden and Hemp House ahead of this weekend’s grand opening.

CBD doesn’t get you “high.”
CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of the two main compounds in cannabis.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, but CBD does not have mind-altering properties.

A 2013 study from the British Journal

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