Rappers Kurupt & Gail Gotti Split: She Reportedly Files For Divorce After 10 Years Together

Another Hollywood couple has called it quits! Rappers Gail Gotti and Kurupt are over, according to a new report, which claims Gail is the one who pulled the plug on their marriage.

It’s a dark day for Kurupt and Gail Gotti, who have ended their marriage, according to The Blast. Gail, whose real name is JoVan Brown, filed for dissolution of marriage on Oct. 6, as seen in court docs, via the site. Kurupt and Gail reportedly married in 2007 in Philadelphia, PA, after being in a long-term relationship. The two rappers are popular in the music industry on the West Coast, and they’re reportedly business partners. Both Kurupt and Gail allegedly co-own the successful marijuana product line, “Moonrock.” They are now trying to split the business amidst the divorce, as reported by the site. It’s still unclear what went wrong between the longtime couple, who collaborated

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