Cheech Marin Chats Cannabis, Chicano Art, and Which Actor Is ‘The Oddest F*cking Guy’

One of the first comedians to be open about his marijuana use, Cheech Marin has been on the front lines of comedy and cannabis since he first rose to prominence as one half of the iconic stoner duo Cheech Chong. He’s a staple of Americana who bridged the divide between mainstream entertainment and the cannabis realm throughout his successful career.

Leafly got a chance to chat with the legend himself about his new line of cannabis products, the most interesting person he’s smoked with, his favorite on-set movie experience, and more.

Leafly: Did you have any idea that cannabis would be so instrumental in your career when you first started your journey?

Cheech Marin: When I first started my journey? I was trying to figure out how to get back to my apartment [laughs]. It’s been a lifelong, enlightening journey. I had no idea there was a career [in

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