Maui Connections

A majority of states have now legalized the use of cannabis — either medically, recreationally or both.

Closer to home, following bureaucratic delays getting state-approved testing labs up to speed, Maui Grown Therapies is open for business and recently added tinctures and concentrates to live resins in its medical marijuana product line at its Kahului dispensary. (Maui’s other medical marijuana dispensary, Pono Life Sciences Maui, received the green light to sell products late last month.)

Dr. Andrew Weil describes this shift in attitude as “a sea change. It’s definitely been a long time in coming.”

A world-renowned physician, Weil’s big-bearded smile has been recognizable for decades on covers of books championing alternative healthy life choices. He’s also Maui Grown’s chief medical officer.

He was drawn to become part of Maui Grown by “the quality of the people associated with the effort, starting with David Cole and his family, and the people

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